All communications that occur between therapist and client are held in the strictest of confidence. No information will be revealed to anyone without written authorization from the patient (or parent/legal guardian if patient is a minor). Under most circumstances, evaluation results and notes from therapy sessions will remain completely confidential. However, under Texas law, there are several exceptions to this rule of confidentiality.

The most common exceptions are:

Suspected abuse of a child, an elderly or disabled person by you or anyone you report to your therapist.
You indicate an intention to harm yourself.
Sexual exploitation by a former or current therapist.
Cases before a court & law, in which your mental health is an issue (i.e., child custody, divorce, personal injury cases).
Collection of past due charges or fees.
All patients using third parties to provide partial or complete payment of fees should be aware that any and all of the information provided to the paying organization could be made available by that organization to: employers providing the insurance benefits, other insurance companies/agencies requesting the information, and other health care providers that have contact with the insurance company.

Please note that therapists and clients cannot connect via social networking methods because it violates our mandate to maintain confidentiality.


I will gladly discuss and answer any questions related to your insurance. Your insurance is a contract between you, your employer and the insurance company. One thing to keep in mind is that not all services are a covered benefit in all contracts. When contacting your insurance company to determine if the services I provide you are a covered benefit under your plan it is necessary for them to know that I am an out-of-network provider.


Sessions can be cancelled free of charge as long as you notify me at least 24 hours in advance. As I cannot schedule anyone else in your session time (i.e., I cannot “double book” like physicians or dentists), the complete session fee will be charged if insufficient notice is given. As this charge cannot be billed to your insurance company, payment will be the responsibility of the client. If an emergency arises that prevents a 24-hour notice, these will be discussed and resolved on an individual basis with me.